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This is a list of my funded projects. Please click on the links to know more about them.


This project will develop a novel computational technology to predict meteotsunami impact in British coastal waters.

Meteotsunamis (meteorological tsunamis) are sudden and massive waves which are triggered by fast-moving storms far at sea. When a meteotsunami hits the coast, it can be as tall as 6 metres and can produce significant damage to harbours, boats and beaches, occasionally claiming human lives.

The core objective of this proposal is exactly to develop a novel and reliable technology to make meteotsunami prediction possible in the UK. The goal of our project is to use the new technology to identify vulnerable regions in the UK, leading to safer coastal communities, harbours and beaches. Our new formulae will help coastal engineers to design more resilient coastal structures and infrastructures.

​This project will answer the question: how can we make wave energy converters more efficient, and thus commercially more attractive? In our project, we will develop the first technology to enhance the performance of WECs through an innovative combination of advanced mathematics and computer science. We will use our mathematical model to provide WEC developers with a novel database of high-efficiency WEC configurations. The results of this project potentially provide a key milestone in our effort to produce clean energy from sea waves.

AXA Outreach Grant

Funded by the AXA Research Fund

 This Outreach Project is to increase public awareness of inundation risks in European coastal areas. Through an innovative and attractive format, which includes the development and promotion of an educational videogame, the project will lead the public to acknowledge their responsibility to take an active role in climate change mitigation. 

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Dr. Renzi plans to use underwater microphones to pick up this signal that a dangerous storm surge is coming. He is currently testing his mathematical models on real-life situations and expects his hydrophone detection system to be ready in a few years’ time. The advance warning this could provide will aid in evacuation decisions and allow threatened coastal residents to reach safety.

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